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2.3. More About Your Team Members: Physician or Doctor

More About Your Team Members: Physician or Doctor

  • The who, when, and what of your doctor's role in your wheelchair team
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A group of female and male doctors of different ethnicities stand together in lab coats smiling.

Physician or Doctor Overview


Your first wheelchair team member will be your physician or doctor.

The doctor you schedule your first meeting with about getting a wheelchair may be a general practitioner (example: Primary Care Physician) or a specialist (examples: Physiatrist, Neurologist, or Orthopedist).


After you have identified your doctor, you must schedule an appointment with them to get a prescription for a wheelchair assessment. When you visit your physician or doctor to discuss your wheelchair needs with him or her, you will begin Step 3: Prescription and Assessment.


Your physician or doctor will:

    • Write a prescription for a Wheelchair Evaluation and Assessment
    • Refer you to a clinician or therapist, usually an occupational therapist (OT) or physical therapist (PT), with who will complete your Wheelchair Evaluation and Assessment (or you may choose your own clinician)
    • It is recommended the therapist be certified as anĀ assistive technology professional (ATP) or a seating and mobility specialist (SMS).
    • Pass the responsibility to YOU to make a Wheelchair Evaluation and Assessment appointment
    • Act as your Ordering Physician and co-sign your Letter of Medical Necessity


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