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3.3. Step 4: Attend Your Wheelchair Evaluation and Assessment

Step 4: Attend Your Wheelchair Evaluation & Assessment

  • Wheelchair evaluation and assessment overview
  • Downloadable evaluation and assessment overview

A client lays on a mat while two clinicians measure the knees' flexibility with a goniometer.

Your Wheelchair Evaluation and Assessment Overview

Therapists and Supplier May Attend Assessment

A clinician or therapist, typically an OT or PT, will conduct your wheelchair evaluation and assessment. The reason for this evaluation is to help you get the right wheelchair. This assessment could take place in a clinic, in your home, or in both locations to ensure the equipment will work in your living environment.

A medical equipment supplier may also be at this appointment. Suppliers work closely with therapists, so if you already know a supplier you would like to use, let the clinician know before the evaluation appointment.

Time and Content Vary

The length of time needed to perform the assessment of a new wheelchair will vary based on the complexity and diversity of your needs. The wheelchair assessment might be a single occasion or a series of appointments to look at different options and/or provide training about your wheelchair. Ideally, everyone who participated in the original assessment should be present for the delivery of the equipment as well.

Attendees Roles

Role summaries are below, but details are available for download from pages 3.5, 3.6, 3.7 of the Mobility Map's third chapter.

Your Role

Before the Assessment:

  • Schedule your Wheelchair Evaluation and Assessment
  • Tell your Clinician if you have a supplier chosen

 During the Assessment:

  • Ask questions
  • Advocate for your needs
  • Collaborate


Clinician's Role

During Assessment:

  • Asks you questions
  • Reviews your medical history
  • Measures you for your wheelchair
  • Conducts a 'mat' evaluation
  • Discusses equipment options


Medical Equipment Supplier's Role

During Assessment:

  • Assesses features of manual or power wheelchairs with your clinician
  • Provides options of equipment
  • May discuss the billing process with you 


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