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3.5. What to Expect at Your Evaluation and Assessment: Your Role

What to Expect at Your Wheelchair Evaluation: Your Role

  • What you should do before your wheelchair evaluation and assessment
  • What you should do at your wheelchair evaluation and assessment

A wheelchair user seated on a cushioned table is measured by two clinicians while a medical equipment supplier takes notes.

Before the evaluation you will need to:

  • Schedule evaluation
    • Schedule your evaluation with the clinician or therapist after you get a prescription from your doctor
  • Say if you already have a supplier chosen
    • Tell the clinician before your evaluation appointment if you have a supplier you would like to work with.

At the evaluation you will need to:

  • Ask Questions
    • Speak up and ask as many questions as you need during the appointment. Now is the time to mention any needs you have. If you do not speak up, you might end up with a wheelchair that doesn't fit your life, environment, and needs.
    • You'll want to ask about your wheelchair working well in your home and vehicle. To address these environments you might need a home evaluation.
    • You'll want to ask your supplier additional questions as well, such as:
      • How long will the process take to get my chair?
      • What insurance information do you need from me?
      • Is there a warranty on this wheelchair? What does it cover (just parts?, labor?)
      • Where will the delivery of my wheelchair take place?
      • If there are issues with my chair, do I come to your office or do you come out to my home?
      • Can we review the details of my equipment prescription? I want to be sure I understand and agree to all details of my prescription.
  • Advocate for your needs
    • You may have to advocate for a home evaluation, because most insurance companies will not pay for this service. It is important you think about how your equipment will fit into different physical areas of your life and a home evaluation may help with this. For more information, a 'Home Assessment' form is available for download below.
    • You may need to advocate that you receive an evaluation by a therapist with the recommended certification. It is highly recommended that your supplier and your therapist are certified.
  • Collaborate
    • Work with the therapist, and supplier, to complete your evaluation.


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