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8.1. Power Wheelchair Information

Click on the PDF below for a slideshow that will cover the following topics along with photos.

Specific Considerations for Power Wheelchairs

  • There are different kinds of power bases that maneuver according to their type:  
    • Front-wheel drive, mid-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive
    • They each have benefits and drawbacks
    • It is up to you and your team to decide which type works best for you 
  • Joystick or specialty controls
    • Be sure you can control the chair with your hand using a Joystick or with specialty controls that can be located anywhere you have consistent body movement (head, mouth, foot)
  • Operate the chair in any position
    • Be sure you can operate the chair in any position (tilt, recline, standing)
  • Know power options
    • Be sure you know how to use the different power options (tilt, recline, seat elevation, elevating leg-rests, standing)
  • Have a pressure relief plan
    • Be sure you have a Pressure Relief plan (ability to achieve pressure relief using planned method). For example: leaning forward, tilting the seat back, lifting yourself up with your arms, standing, leaning to one side.


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