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6.2. Babies with iPads

This blog is designed to document infants/toddlers with disabilities using an iPad to promote their development. I hope to show how this new technology can help children with disabilities develop their communication, play, pre-literacy, cognitive, visual/auditory and motor skills.

Babies with iPads Grant Application Eligibility Requirements


Babies with iPads will be granting an iPad  to deserving children as often as funds allow.  I will personally screen all applications to determine if eligiblity requirements are met,  then a team consisting of at least a parent, ST, and OT will review the applications without identifying information and choose the top 3 deserving children.  Of the top 3 children one will be randomly choosen and mailed a refurbished or new iPad.

Eligiblity Requirements:

1.  Reside in US
2.  Child between the ages of 6 months and 8 years old.
3.  Child must have multiple medical and/or developmental issues (physical and/or cognitive impairments) that impact his or her ability to play and communicate.
4.  Access to a computer with an iTunes account
5.  Currently cannot afford to purchase an iPad (no income verification required)
6.  Ability to provide pictures, videos and/or updates to Babies with iPad to use as needed.

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