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Strong Wheeled

In 2005 a new world was brought to my attention, and this was the world of wheelchairs. Unfortunately, I had never paid much attention to those with life in a chair, just as most of the world today. This is the year that I would become a paraplegic due to a motorcycle accident. Although I had a supportive family, I was very young and very ignorant. I would not accept their empathy as I felt that since they were not sitting where I was, they could not justifiably empathize. As I have matured, I have come to realize that they were not trying to empathize with my wheelchair; rather, they were trying to empathize with the hardships I would face and the things they thought I had lost. The following years would be full of trials and tribulations and I was merely a teenage boy trying to become a man in a wheelchair. Over the course of the past few years and being a complete, T5, paraplegic that suffered a brain injury, I have come to drive, live independently, and obtain my college degree. It seems that no matter where I go I am questioned how and why. This inspired me to create StrongWheeled, a place where the ones with so little continuously accomplish so much.

StrongWheeled is the essence of anyone who live in a wheelchair. Whether it be because of age, spinal cord injuries, genetic defects, or whatever the case, those who continue on have incredibly strong will.

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