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3.1. What are the stages of Caregiving?

Stages of Caregiving

Adapted from Denise Brown's The Caregiving Years provided by

One way to think about caregiving is to see it as a set of stages. These stages were written with caregivers of the elderly in mind and may not apply completely to your situation. Also, the time spent in each stage will be different for everyone. Your care recipient's chronic condition or disability will determine how quickly or slowly you pass through the stages. No matter what kind of caregiving situation you're in, we think you'll find some useful ways to think about caregiving by reading these stages.

We've also provided some links to resources through this section. Nearly all of the resources are free and provide useful information and tools to help you in your role as a caregiver.

Click on the stages below to read more about the experience of caregiving and to find some useful resources.

~ Stage 1: The Expectant Caregiver  ~  Video: Ask, Stage 1

~ Stage 2: The Freshman Caregiver  ~  Video: Find, Stage 2

~ Stage 3: The Entrenched Caregiver  ~  Video: Receive, Stage 3

~ Stage 4: The Pragmatic Caregiver  ~  Video: Welcome, Stage 4

~ Stage 5: The Transitioning Caregiver  ~  Video: Allow, Stage 5

~ Stage 6: The Godspeed Caregiver  ~  Video: Treasure, Stage 6

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