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6.5. More than Walking

More Than Walking

Our mission is to promote independent living after spinal cord injury worldwide by sharing the experiences of active peer-mentors and expert rehabilitation professionals.  We do this by compiling peer mentor interviews and demonstration videos of independence skills, along with therapist analysis videos of the most complex skills, into an online video course that we then share with newly injured patients. The course connects patients to local peer mentors, community resources like medical suppliers, support groups, and adaptive sports, and provides the opportunity for the newly injured to share their own story and progress back to life with others in similar situations around the world.

Our vision is to encourage every spinal-cord-injured individual to embrace their role as a peer mentor and global citizen while empowering them to share their story and strategies with those newly injured nearby and around the world through film. We want to see every SCI rehabilitation professional have access to local peer mentor examples that guide the newly injured towards attainable and fulfilling life goals. ‚Äč

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