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6.4. Spinal Cord Peer Support USA (SCPS USA) on Facebook

Spinal Cord Peer Support USA began in the Winter of 2014 upon returning to my home in Boone, North Carolina. It happened after my three month rehabilitation at the famous Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia. I had suffered a T5/T6 complete spinal cord injury when the top portion of a tree I was cutting down collapsed killing me instantly.

Our motto is "We want to Inspire, Empower and Support one another and Educate through life's experiences...We are all brothers and sisters here and when we work together in love, we can accomplish many things. There is power when there is many!"

We welcome you to our Spinal Cord Peer Support USA (SCPS USA) support page. You are now a member of what we consider to be the best SCI page on Facebook. We are a closed community that supports all those who have suffered a SCI, their caregiver(s), immediate family members (father, mother brother or sister), close friends that the injured member approves and we also include all those who have had their spinal cords compromised in many other ways. We also accept medical professionals or medical students in the field of SCI if we deem it appropriate. Please feel free to ask questions as well and share information, opinions, support and encouragement. It would be nice if you would make an introductory post to introduce yourself. Feel free to include any or all the following:
* Age
* Sex
* Relationship status
* City and state where you reside
* Level of injury
* Cause of injury
* Date of injury
* Interests
* Any other information you would like to share about yourself

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