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7.3. PN/Paraplegia News Magazine

PN Magazine

From a six-page newsletter in 1945 to a monthly publication that spans the globe, PN continues to be an invaluable resource for people with spinal-cord injuries, family members, and caregivers alike.

Originally, PN was known as Paraplegia News, and during an era where spinal-cord injuries were considered a life-altering tragedy, our mission was clear.

Since that time we have seen great strides in technology, public awareness, and the general perceptions concerning people with disabilities and wanted to recognize that Paraplegia News meant more than paraplegia.

It embodies the "power" of the spirit, the "professional" contributions to society, the "personal" story within each person, the "practical" resolve to carry on, and even the "playful" nature of the soul.

In short – we are PN, and we welcome you to better wheelchair living.

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