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8.15. Skin Care and Pressure Sores

UAB provided videos on pressure sores:

Pressure Sores: Skin Care Prevention and Treatment (2 Parts)
Part 1
of this 41 minute video reviews describes skin functions & risk factors for pressure sores, prevention of pressure sores such as proper seating, weight shifts, and nutrition. The impact of a pressure sore on QOL is explored. 56.2 mb download or watch on streaming real media.

Part 2 is a 10 minute video that utilizes an anatomical model to demonstrate techniques for general care and treatment options for the four stages and unstageable pressure sores and tunneling wounds. Please note that the pressure ulcer stages were updated for 2007. See our SCI Infosheet on Prevention of Pressure Ulcers for the updated stages. 10 mb download or watch on streaming real media.

From Boston Medical Center SCI lecture series:

The Skin You're In: An Overview of Maintaining Skin Integrity for Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury

From Northwest Regional SCI System Forum:  Pressure Ulcers Can Wreck Your Life: Preventing and Managing Skin Problems after SCI  This 50 minute video is presented in 2 parts.  The video includes vital information about preventing pressure ulcers, inspecting your skin, recognizing early signs of skin breakdown, treatment options available, monitoring and managing healing and much more. Photos of pressure ulcers in different stages are also included.

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