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2.75. Spinal Cord Injury Resources in PAKISTAN

mission is to empower Persons with Disabilities and Deafness (PWDD), so they can live better and independent lives. And our ultimate goal is """ inclusive, barrier-free, and right based society
FOP is a registered non profit Organization, striving for an inclusive environment, supporting people with disabilities live and perform to their full capacity – individually, socially, politically, economically, and inspiringly.
mission is to create a model system for the care of the physically challenged people in Pakistan. Our vision has materialized in the form of Ganj Baksh Spinal Research & Rehabilitation Hospital where people with different disabilities are being reinitiated into the mainstream life as dignified and useful individuals. All this is being done with profound feelings of care and concern.
Provide necessary equipment and training to the disabled. Also strive to create a community of support, advocacy, and empowerment.

Pakistan Disabled Foundation
Pakistan Disabled Foundation is an organization of the peoples with disabilities of all categories, working actively in all walks of life to the maximum possible extent.

Pakistan Society for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled
The Pakistan Society for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PSRD) is a nonprofit organization with the aims and objective to undertake activities for the welfare of people with disabilities for full integration and independence, adopt preventative measures, and to increase awareness. Facilities and activities of PSRD include the operation of an orthopedic surgical unit, an outpatient department, a physiotherapy department, an orthotics and prosthetics workshop, a high school, a vocational training unit, a vocational rehabilitation center, computer training center, etc. PSRD may be a valuable resource for
information on disabilities related issues in Pakistan.
Paraplegic Center Hayatabad, Peshawar, is the only state of the art facility, providing free of cost, Medical/Surgical and Nursing Care, along with Physical, Occupational, Vocational and Psycho-social rehabilitation services to patients with Spinal cord injuries from all over the country as well as Afghanistan.
SWO is a community based, charitable and a non profit Registered organization, to fulfill the basic needs of the low income category, and establish a prosperous society filled with moral values, dignity and self respect. Poverty alleviation, Early Education, Environment development and conservation. Human Rights, Community Health Care, youth and Women Empowerment, and Rehabilitation of the differently baled are the key components in our mandate.
Special Attention Towards Handicapped (SATH)
Special Attention towards Handicapped (SATH) is a non-profit organisation working with disabled children who live in marginalized communities in rural and suburban area through community based rehabilitation program. Handicapped children are often neglected in Pakistani society.

Special Talent Exchange Program
STEP is a cross disability organization, with a prime objective of empowerment of disabled persons through capacity building and advocacy. STEP is engaged in Leadership, ICT and Independent Living training of disabled persons.

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