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2.103. Spinal Cord Injury Resources in THAILAND

Christian Care Foundation: for Children with Disabilities in Thailand
CCD Thailand: charity providing care and support for abandoned special needs children in Thailand
Foundation To Encourage The Potential Of Disabled Persons Thailand
The Foundation provides free services to poor and needy disabled persons and their families across six northern provinces of Thailand - providing free wheelchairs, mobility aids, home visits, residential care and compassionate love.
Kiiran Care Foundation is a legally registered non-profit based in Bangkok.
It works for the welfare of underprivileged people in society .It also has office in India which works for socially deprived people there.
Its activities are focused on food and clothes distribution, building homes for homeless,education for underprivileged children, providing medical assistance etc. Kiiran Care Foundation also provide artificial limps and wheel chairs to people who are unable to walk, it also provides blood pressure and gluco meter,

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