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2.34. Spinal Cord Injury Resources in FRANCE

Aide aux Personnes A Handicap Moteur (France)
Aide aux Personnes A Handicap Moteur (APAHM) works to socially integrate people with physical and mobility related disabilities into mainstream society. The services provided by APAHM include: tele-training at their tele-working centers in the fields of office automation and computer graphics for people with motor disabilities; a driving school adapted to people with motor disabilities; professional and social integration for disabled people through counseling and housing assistance.

Association des Paralyses de France
The Association des Paralyss de France (APF) is an organization of and for people with mobility disabilities. With delegations across France, APF may be able to help find a personal attendant or other resources.

IRME - Institut pour la Recherche sur la Moelle épinière et l'Encéphale
Institute for Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Research
Responses Initiatives for Women with Disabilities (RIWD) is an association with actively supports women with disabilities via concrete intiatives : get-togethers, meetings, conferences, forums, international exchanges, seminars, training courses as well as events open to the general public.

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