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2.52. Spinal Cord Injury Resources in JAMAICA

Jamaica Council for Persons with Disability
The Jamaica Council for Persons with Disabilities is the Government Agency responsible for rehabilitations, vocational training and placement of persons with disabilities in Jamaica. Under the Ministry of Labour & Social Security, it has as its objective the Equality of Opportunities between the disabled and the able-bodied. It seeks through its services, to establish social and economic independence for Persons with Disabilities through their own efforts and labour

Nathan Ebanks Foundation® (NEF)
The Nathan Ebanks Foundation works for the inclusion, participation, empowerment and equalization of opportunities for children ages 0-18 years, with disabilities and special educational needs. Programmes and project initiatives promoted by the Foundation are designed to address inclusively, the physical, cognitive, emotional, social, mental and learning disabilities experienced by children as well as providing information, educational resources and parental guidance for dealing with behavioural disorders.

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