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2.4. Transcutaneous Stimulation

NeuroRecoveryTechnologies group reports success in returning voluntary motor function in five men living with chronic, complete SCI through non-invasive transcutaneous stimulation.

The company is focused on the development of two unique spinal cord neuromodulator systems (electric stimulation devices) sharing platform technology to address a significant unmet clinical need. The first is a non-invasive external system, classified by the FDA as a Class II De Novo 510k, for those patients with partial to complete paralysis. The second system is implantable, a PMA Class III device, used to optimally treat individuals with severe incomplete & complete paralysis. Each system is composed of complementary electrodes plus a wireless pulse generator containing proprietary circuitry and algorithms with our discovered formula for reactivating neural circuits. The systems facilitate customized programming and independent control of multiple stimulation sites.

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