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5.19. Movement Revolution – Chicago and Deerfield, IL

Movement Revolution provides specialized personal training services for people with chronic and neurological conditions at any stage of their disease or diagnosis. The earlier we can intervene with symptom-specific exercises, the more we can help our clients manage their condition. Our diverse team of Exercise Physiologist’s have vast experience with chronic diseases and neurological conditions including but not limited to: Parkinson’s disease, stroke, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, chronic spinal conditions, and orthopedic conditions. This is where we bridge the gap between clinical rehabilitation and continued exercise.

Ideally, we see clients immediately following their diagnosis. This allows us to address movement asymmetries and symptoms, big and small, so they don’t become larger problems later in life. For those more seasoned with their condition, we are confident that we have the equipment and knowledge to support each client in reaching a higher functional level. Transitioning into exercise immediately following outpatient therapy is incredibly important. Our program offers a complimentary session to transition patients seamlessly from outpatient therapies to continued exercise. Our exercise physiologist will attend a regularly scheduled therapy session, meet the therapist and client, establish discharge goals, and note any contraindications or assisted needs. We also work with clients in conjunction with their outpatient therapies under the guidance of their therapist. This is a great way to extend Medicare and insurance benefits.

Movement Revolution’s services are exercise based, all personal training and group exercise classes are private pay. We may provide financial assistance for those in need and will help seek grant/scholarship opportunities. Participation in our exercise program does not interfere with clinical visits or reimbursement for physical, occupational, or speech therapies.

Personal training sessions are held at our Neuro Intensive Training Centers in Chicago and Deerfield. In-home sessions are also available.

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