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5.13. Brooks Neuro Recovery Center: Jacksonville, FL

Brooks Neuro Recovery Centers (NRC) are a state-of-the art rehabilitation center offering specialized equipment for customized rehabilitation during and after traditional therapy has been completed. This unique gym allows you to continue ongoing exercise and conditioning to maintain and improve functional movement and abilities. Members receive access to our cutting edge technology and can utilize the gym up to six days per week.

Physical Therapy technology utilized:

  • Zero G
  • Body weight supported treadmill
  • FES elliptical
  • Motorized elliptical
  • Bioness L300
  • Aquatic therapy
  • Wheelchair evaluations

Independent Program Equipment and Services offered:

  • FES cycle
  • Armeo spring
  • Bioness H200
  • Sabeo glove
  • Diego
  • Amadeo
  • Circuit training
  • Personal training
  • Aquatics

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