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5.16. Neurofit 360: Pembroke Pines, FL

Neurofit 360: Pembroke Pines, FL

NeuroFit 360’s mission is to challenge you and push the boundaries of traditional rehab in a way that no other therapy has before. We welcome all abilities with a focus on neurological injuries. Our only requirements during our intensive therapy program are your hard work and commitment. Regardless of the level and severity of your injury, we firmly believe that through the combination of our innovative technology, cutting-edge treatment plans, skilled staff, and your hard work, anything is possible.

NeuroFit 360 is a state of the art facility that offers high-tech equipment like the Eksobionic exoskeleton, as well as low-tech equipment like our standing frames and weight machines to aid in your recovery. Our entire facility is designed with the clients’ needs in mind.

A hybrid outpatient facility and wheelchair accessible gym, Neurofit 360 caters to the needs of neurologically injured or physically limited clients. We pride ourselves with our out-of-the-box, creative, and innovative thinking. Our physical-therapist-guided and evidence-based treatment plans are individually established based on your identified needs, evaluated functional deficits, and finally, are delivered with the highest standards of care. NeuroFit 360’s personalized and intensive clinical process will help you meet your recovery, and functional goals

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