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2.2. Tips for Booking Your Flight

Below are considerations to take into account when booking your flight.

Research the Airlines

  • Review the policies of various airlines regarding travelers with disabilities and choose the airline that best meets your needs. 

Try to find direct or nonstop flights to your destination

  • If able, try to find nonstop or direct flights to your destination. If no direct flights are available, consider the time required for things like deplaning and traveling to a new gate. Once you’ve factored in all the time needed to meet your needs between flights, find the flight route that works best for you. 
  • Types of flights:  
    • Connecting flights: Flights with scheduled stops that require you to change planes at connecting airports. If you choose this type of flight, make sure there is enough time between connections for things like deplaning and wheelchair assistance. 
    • Direct flights: Flights with a scheduled stop, typically to refuel or drop-off/pick-up travelers, before reaching your destination. Direct flights do not require a plane change, but you may need to deplane with your belongings during the break.
    • Nonstop flights: Flights that take you directly to your destination without any stops. If able, choose nonstop flights when booking your trip.
  • If you’re traveling to a far destination, consider breaking up the travel into more than one day to allow your body to rest. 

Choose your seat accordingly to your needs (if able)

  • Most airlines will prompt you to self-identify any accommodations you need when booking online. If, for any reason, a prompt does not appear, contact the airline directly to provide advance notice of any accommodations you need. 


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