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3.18. Neurotech Network-SCI resources by category

  • Neurotechnology for Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury Fact Sheet     This NSCIA Factsheet has been developed in collaboration with Jennifer French of the Neurotechnology Network.  The fact sheet is divided into two parts.   Part 1 provides an overview of neurotechnology and its applications to spinal cord injury. Part 2 provides a listing of the devices and therapies available and additional resources.  

  • Centralized Neurotechnology Database    This up-to-date, searchable database is now available to find the latest developments in neurotechnology devices.  The purpose of this resource is to provide information to allow you to make better decisions. Final decisions regarding your health should be between you and your physician. 

       This database is provided by Neurotech Network, Inc., The Society to Increase Mobility, Inc., Neurotech Reports and its representatives; however, these    organizations do not rate, endorse, recommend or prescribe any products, procedures or services

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