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5.23. AccesSportAmerica - Acton, MA

AccesSportAmerica adapts sports that the most agile of athletes can find challenging and brings these sports to children and adults living with disabilities. The exhilaration inherent in each sport fosters positive change in function and fitness as well as attitude, and the expectation for a life lived with a disability.

Athletes, through individually developed programs, experience a series of unparalleled accomplishments. Over 2,000 athletes participate annually year round.


Gait Training Program
We’ve specialized in gait training for close to 15 years. Nothing we’ve done or seen makes similar progress in training and retraining people to walk with gait issues. Our Gait Trainer was developed over the past five years with to provide a low cost means for high repetition of perfect gait patterns.

In-School Program
AccesSportAmerica has been working with the Boston Public Schools, providing them with an extensive soccer and conditioning program, for nearly 15 years. We generally work with the high school population, as they attend for seven years (until age 22).

Hi Challenge Sports Programs

Windsurfing – Hawaiian Outrigger Canoeing – Rowing/ Sculling – Stand Up Paddling/Surfing – Kayaking – Cycling – Soccer – Tennis – Personal Training

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