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5.22. Gathering Strength: Louisville, KY

 Gathering Strength: Louisville, KY

The mission of Gathering Strength, Inc. is to: Empower people with physically disabling conditions to maintain and improve their health and wellness by ensuring access to therapeutic physical activity.

Gathering Strength’s goals are to help people:

  • Improve quality of life.
  • Maximize function regardless of disabling condition.
  • Improve cardiometabolic factors, such as risk factors for heart disease and diabetes.
  • Improve endurance and strength.
  • Increase knowledge about how to improve fitness and wellness.
  • Increase a sense of belonging and wellbeing.

Gathering Strength works to assure that people with disabling conditions have:

  • physically accessible locations for therapeutic exercise.
  • accessible equipment for fitness and wellness activities.
  • Improved access, regardless of income, to therapeutic physical activity.
  • Access to specialized therapeutic exercise interventions such as neuromuscular electrical stimulation.
  • Access to activity-based techniques that engage the whole body, regardless of impairment.
  • Access to specially trained professionals to assist with therapeutic exercise.
  • Information about improving health and wellness, including resources about nutrition, stress reduction, and fitness.

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