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SCITRIALS.ORG is a new research trials site, which was created for and by the spinal cord injury community to connect researchers and people living with SCI. 

It was created to address some of the challenges users were experiencing on existing SCI trial sites, by providing information on trials specific to SCI. Trials are filtered to contain studies from legitimate universities, research centers, and hospitals.  Additionally, the site allows the user to save a search unique to their preferences and then receive email updates when relevant trials become available in their area.  

To access the continually updated information in the site, simply sign up to use the free platform at SCITRIALS.ORG. We encourage site users to spread the news about this new tool throughout their networks.

SCITRIALS.ORG is a joint initiative of the North American Spinal Cord Injury Consortium (NASCIC) and – with development provided by   

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