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9.12. Universal Exercise Equipment for Wheelchair Users

Challenged Industries

The implementation this year of the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design (effective March 15th, 2012) requires that all public facilities that offer the use of exercise equipment provide equal access and opportunity for the use of fitness equipment to the disabled. Essentially, if there is a machine for the able-bodied, then the equivalent must be made available for the disabled. There are over 30,000 fitness facilities in the U.S. Additionally, all hospitals, physical therapy centers, rehabilitation facilities and retirement communities that provide fitness training and equipment must also comply with this amendment to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Our proprietary designs enhance existing fitness facilities with the capability to provide access and use of fitness equipment to persons with disabilities and able-bodied alike. Only our exercise equipment accommodates the disabled through design innovations such as bolt-on swing away seats that fit the existing exercise units, or the wrap around gloves for persons with hand weakness. Our equipment and patents pending designs utilize low starting weights and increase accessibility, and is the only design that accommodates both power and non-power wheelchairs. Our products provide the same means of use for all users; identical use when possible, and equivalent when not.

Our equipment exceeds the 2010 ADA Standards. We offer a full line of premium exercise equipment, currently with five core machines and soon to offer twenty two unique machines addressing every exercise need. Our fitness equipment is built in the USA. All materials are purchased in the USA and whenever possible we employ veterans and persons with disabilities. Not only are our products vastly superior and ADA compliant, they are also competitively priced.

This has been a decades long passion of our founder to bring these much-needed products to fruition. We wish to inform interested groups who may be seeking equal access fitness equipment to improve their quality of life. You can view our products at our website:

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