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1.3. State Disability Resources

State disability service programs include:

Alabama Cares
Phone: 888-617-0500
Alabama Cares is a program designed to support family caregivers by providing training, assistance, and resources to help them take care of their aging loved ones and themselves.

Alabama Connect
Phone: (800) 243-5463
a statewide database of organizations, which provide services to older adults, individuals with disabilities and their family members. This website is a combination of educational tools to help you assess your needs and find resources, educational information and news publications.

Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services (ADRS)
Phone: (800) 441-7607
Phone: (334) 281-8780

Alabama Head and Spinal Cord Injury Registry ( AHSCIR )
Phone: (888) 879-4607
The Alabama Head and Spinal Cord Injury Registry is a service linkage system containing all head and spinal cord trauma reported by hospitals statewide.

Alabama Work Incentives Network
Phone: (866) 259-1745
ALA-WIN (Alabama Work Incentives Network) is a statewide program that helps Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) beneficiaries, between the ages of 14 and 64, understand their work options so that they may make more informed choices regarding employment.

Impaired Drivers Trust Fund
These proceeds are used as payer of last resort for the costs of care provided to Alabamians who have survived neuro-trauma with head or spinal cord injury.

Statewide Technology Access and Response System for Alabamians with Disabilities (STAR)
Phone: (800) 441-7607
Contact: Rosalyn Glover
Phone: (334) 281-8780
The mission of the STAR program is to enhance independence, productivity and quality of life for all Alabamians with disabilities through access to assistive technology devices and services.


Alabama Protection and Advocacy

Toll Free: 800-826-1675

The Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program (ADAP) is part of the nationwide federally mandated
protection and advocacy (P&A) system.

Services include:


ADAP provides trainings for consumer, family member, and professional
groups on a broad range of disability rights issues.  Training requests are considered based on
ADAP's annual priorities and our limited training resources.

Information and Referral (I&R) Services

ADAP answers all calls for technical assistance and referrals on disability rights issues.

Individual Case Advocacy

To be eligible for individual case advocacy services all four of the following statements must
be true with regard to the individual's situation:

The individual with a disability must be eligible for
services under one of ADAP's seven programs - PADD, PAIMI, PAIR, PAAT, PABSS, PAVA, and PATBI.

The individual's situation must involve the abuse or neglect of a person with disability, a violation of a
right granted to a person because that person has a disability, or discrimination based on disability. 

Accepting the individual's case for advocacy services will further one of ADAP's annual priorities. 

The individual's situation meets other case selection criteria, which include such considerations as the
availability of other competent resources to advocate on behalf of the individual (including the
individual's ability to pay for other legal services, or the individual's ability to advocate on his/her
own behalf); whether there is a realistic prospect of success if the case is selected; the extent to which
the potential client will benefit from satisfactory resolution of his/her case; the likelihood of a
favorable impact on the legal rights of other individuals with disabilities; and availability of agency

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